Turquoise Eatery in the heart of Caulfield South offers a fare of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired dishes. The team have worked very hard to bring their favourite international dishes and mix them with modern Melbourne flavours.


Everything that comes out of the kitchen has been meticulously cut, prepared and plated. Itav, the head chef is passionate about natural flavour and high quality produce. He works at bringing out the freshest flavour from the foods through clever combinations and culinary techniques.


With heated outdoor seating area and a bustling vibe, the café is child friendly, and creates a buzz in this otherwise quiet part of town.  

We would love you to come down and join the Turquoise family favourites.

Bookings welcome!

The menu boasts a selection of breakfasts and lunch dishes with highlights such as Eggplant & Feta Shakshuka (baked eggs) and traditional Israeli Salad served with warm pita, not to mention we make our own Hummus served with accompaniments every Friday and a traditional Israeli Breakfast spread available daily. 


Our specials change weekly, highlighting the passion of a chef who takes pride in creating restaurant standard dishes in a café setting.


Their somewhat tongue-in-cheek ‘we don’t smash’ avocado is redefining what has become a staple in most Melbourne cafes. They are making peace with the avocado and aim to ‘stop the smashing’.


We serve Organic Triple Certification Blend Coffee with a unique taste and aroma and Prana Chai served with love and care.


It’s well worth a dip into Turquoise Eatery.

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Turquoise Eatery

451 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South  Phone: 95300005